Gifts, both good and bad!                                                                                                                   

Last weekend I was busy sewing gifts – and here they are! For Anne and Dan, a semi-successful set of patchwork placemats, and for Jamie, a collection of totally failed coin purses! 

Somehow this is the only photo I have of the placemats! (Anne, help?) I picked out pale green and blue fabrics from my stash, and had fun trying to channel Japanese Zakka-style (cute but calm handmade) in the piecing. Each placemat is different. Unfortunately, I’d forgotten to prewash three of the 10 fabrics, and lo and behold, they shrank in the wash! The backing is now all bubbly and loose, since it was made out of a well-washed used bedsheet. It stayed big while the front patchwork shrank! Darn. Oh well. I still like the overall look! 

Jamie’s coin purses… oh my. He’d asked if I could revamp or remake his Japanese Astroboy coin purse for his birthday, so one night while he was out, I dutifully tried to figure out how it was made! I knew it would take a few tries, so I started with ugly fabric and garish zippers… but I never thought it would be so hard! After two tries, and much internet tutorial searching, I gave up on recreating his previous coin purse… and moved on to something simpler. It was figuring out how to line everything that really messed me up! Version three was a reasonable mock-up, on my 4th try I made something more usable. He’s trying out the design, and if it works, I might make a sixth and final draft!

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