Reversible Stretchy Belt!                                                                                               

I love the look of wide belts, but I’ve never found one that was both CUTE and COMFORTABLE! I want to be able to breathe, dammit, without the belt being so loose that it falls down. Tonight I had a brainwave, and I think it turned out pretty well! I made a reversible front section from fabric (with interfacing, so it doesn’t roll up or get slouchy), and added a piece of elastic to go around the back. You have to sort of shimmy into it by pulling it down over your head and shoulders. I love that it’s reversible and really showcases the fabric! I made them to wear with jersey dresses, mostly, but I think they’d work well with all kinds of tops. Also, I totally want to stick a brooch on them! Now the big question: Do I dare wear one for an interview tomorrow, or should I go more… classy?

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