These were a Christmas gift for my sister, Anne, who is a true typography nerd! I picked up the fabric at the Workroom in Toronto (My first high-end fabric purchase on Canadian soil!) I knew right away it was for her – The muted colours and crisp type suit her style perfectly. I was even happier to hear that they’d painted the bedroom in their new house a warm taupe! 

For each pillow, I chose two fonts that represented their character. For Anne, graceful historic type; For her husband Dan, bolder and more geometric design. The back of Anne’s pillow is French script (Ok, yes, it’s Christmas carols, but I chose to ignore that!), and Dan’s is teal with cream, black and rust coloured letters. 

If deciding the design was the easy part, then installing both piping and zippers was nearly my downfall! Anne is an amazing knitter (Hello, Chawton Mitts!)  who blogs all about her beautiful and intricate projects. We always shared a love of crafting, but her attention to detail is worlds beyond my patience! I wanted these pillows to be up to her standards, so I tried to do everything right! Thank goodness for internet tutorials, is all I can say! 

Anne took these beautiful pictures with her new Christmas-present camera – I love the lighting and composition! Thanks Anne, and Merry Christmas!

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