Festive Felt Pillow Tutorial, inspired by Betz White’s reverse applique tutorial in Whip Up Mini Quilt.

After making myself a rainbow felt pillow based on Betz White’s contribution to the Whip Up Mini Quilt, I feel in love with the process. It’s so quick and fun to sew the felt on, and requires little to no precision. The cutting out… well, it’s less fun, but it’s goes quickly enough in front of the TV! 

I wanted to make my Mom something to say thank you for hosting the big family Christmas this year, so I started dreaming of using the same technique to make her a pillow! It was really fun to adapt the technique from the original abstract design to a more figurative “picture”. Overlapping the trees took some creativity, but it all came together quickly. 

I hope you enjoy the process too! It could be really easily adapted to different designs. 

Merry Christmas, and thank you, Mom! I’m really looking forward to Christmas!

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