Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about consuming vs. creating. I love looking at craft and sewing blogs, and saving ideas to Pinterest… but I think all that online activity stops me from spending time actually MAKING things. Do you find the same thing? How do you balance inspiration with creation?

So here’s my goal: As often as possible (that’s the lazy woman’s version of “every day”), take a Pinterest inspiration and turn it into reality. Make it! Sew it! Glue it! Get it done. Doesn’t have to be perfect… doesn’t have to be well planned… just craft for the joy of it. I’m a perfectionist in other areas of my life, but craft is my one escape: I love the process more than the product. By setting a goal to make more and view less, I’m hoping to keep sane by keeping crafty. 

Of course, I’m not sure how the blog plays into this.. here I am writing about crafting instead of actually making anything! I’m hoping that the reflection and motivation to post drives me to create.

(And now: To make something with these lovely felt balls!)

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