MMMay 2019 Plans

It’s my 8th year taking part in Me-Made May, and I’m still so excited every time it rolls around! I like to have some structure in my MMMay pledge, so here’s what I’ve decided on this year: May always starts off cold in Canada, but it’s summer weather by the end, so I’m starting with … More MMMay 2019 Plans

Sharpie Dress

Well hello! Let’s go back in time, shall we, to November and the very first thing I sewed post-concussion! (These pictures are WAY later though.) So, what do you sew when you see everything doubled and you only have the concentration to work for a few minutes? A knit TNT, of course! This is one … More Sharpie Dress

Spicy, Bright and Snowy: The First Sewcialists Mini-Challenge!

I had so much fun hosting our first ever Sewcialists Mini Challenge! It was really fun to see how people interpreted it – you can see the round up of all the projects made here! (In case you missed it, here’s what happened: We created a silly quiz that assigned each person one of 7 … More Spicy, Bright and Snowy: The First Sewcialists Mini-Challenge!

#SewYourKibbe – Going all in on Flamboyant Gamine!

This year (ok, and least year) I’m working on making my style bolder, braver, and more fun! Using the guidelines for KIbbe’s Flamboyant Gamine body type has been helping with that, since it recommends strong colours and pattern, playful contrasts, and more-is-more style. I wrote about dabbling in Kibbe back in early fall, and you … More #SewYourKibbe – Going all in on Flamboyant Gamine!